Sunday, 14 December 2014

A video clip that caught my attention

The title of this video clip is 'The Spangler Effect - Tie Dye Science' and to summarize this video clip, it is about dyeing a white shirt and creating fun pattern. It involves both science & art and that's probably why it caught my attention.
From this video clip I learn that
  • Isopropyl alcohol help to dissolve the Sharpie permanent marker. Thus, allowing the permanent to spread out nicely and mix.
  • Although Steve draw a square at the 5:00 mark, he get a circle pattern as he drops the rubbing alcohol in the very centre which allow the rubbing alcohol to spread evenly
  • there are mordant bonding spots on the 100% cotton shirt and to be able to open them up, we need to wet the shirt and add a chemical called 'dye-fixer' which is simply sodium carbonate, washing soda. Then the shirt will be able to take the fiber-reactive dye which last only for 24 hours.

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